What Is A Wood Router Used For?

What Is A Wood Router Used For

If you specialize in working with wood, then you have a rough idea of what a wood router is. But some do not know what is a wood router used for. This article bears all the information you need to be aware of concerning this tool.

Do you ever wonder how the curves or artwork on your wood cabinet come to be? Maybe such thoughts rarely cross your mind because you have to buy and fit them in your house.

What is a Wood Router?

A wood router is a tool that makes hollows on hard stuff, including wood and plastic. You can use it either at home or in a workshop to make decorations for cutting, trimming, and other various functions, such as plunging. Therefore, it is a must-have tool for any woodworker and DIY enthusiast.

Nowadays, wood routers are in different forms, unlike in the past when they were handheld. They constitute an electric motor that delivers power to the shaft inside the wood router, making it spin so fast to cut your wood precisely.

While shopping for wood routers, you may find either one in the form of a plunge, a D handle, or a double knob. Additionally, they have special features such as easily adjustable speed controls, bases with plunges that securely lock in place for advanced safety, and soft start features, enabling them to increase their speed as they start cutting slowly.

How Does A Wood Router Work?

A wood router does not exhibit many complications during the operation. The only thing you need to consider is your safety because if you are careless with the tool, you will experience injuries from the wood chippings. Get some dust masks, eye goggles, and hearing protection.

The first thing to do is to attach a routing bit to your wood router. This bit performs three main functions; creating joints on a piece of wood, making shapes on wood edges, and making grooves on wood by plunging.

After that, get to know the direction along which the bit is shifting. It is essential because the router’s movement should always be opposite to that of the bit. This ensures the wood chippings do not splutter back to you.

Types of Wood Routers

Fixed Base Routers

If you are a beginner in woodworking, you should consider using this type of wood router because it is relatively easy to use. It will produce excellent results if you use it with a router table.

Cutting edges of wood and molding will need this type of router because it follows many accuracies. Usually, they are light in weight. Their main downside is that you cannot adjust the depth of their blade. It does not change from the time you modify it.

Plunge Router

Most pros use this type of plunger as it is versatile. Whether you are handling free hand jobs or ones with templates, this tool will come in handy for you. It features a soft start mechanism that allows it maximum control and improved flexibility during operation. You can easily adjust its blade’s depth as it is running, unlike the fixed-base one.

Combo Router Kits

This type offers flexible options all at once; it can either be a fixed base router or a plunge router. There is a removable engine that acts as a base. If you need to use the plunger, all you need to do is remove the engine. It is budget-friendly and saves you the cost of buying the two machines separately.

What is a Wood Router used for?

Finally, it is vital to let you know what you can use your router for. There are several functions a basic router can carry out. It is a very versatile tool because you can combine many roles in one single device.

Perfecting wood edges

It is not easy to make perfect cuts on the edges of wood with just any other tool. But if you have a wood router, then this will make your work amazingly easy. Whether the edge of your wood is curved or straight, this tool will make perfect cuts.


Creating molding with decorations on your door or windows using beaded patterns is simple to do when using this router. If you are into artwork, you will enjoy using it to develop either complicated or straightforward decors.

Cutting dadoes

In case you have a bookcase with shelves for storing books, there is a dado that supports the latter to the former. You may not see it as it is ordinarily invisible. A straight-bit router is a perfect tool for cutting dados for holding up cabinets and shelves.

Renovating patterns

Wood routers make it easy to recreate patterns previously on your wood pieces, such as a table or a chair. Use the router to trace the design that was there before and recreate the patterns. You can also use it for lettering flat wood surfaces.

Advantages of using a Wood Router

  • They make perfect edges on the materials you are cutting.
  • They are suitable for decorating and making molds that have attractive finishes.
  • Accuracy is critical when using this router. Even when recreating patterns on your wood pieces, they ensure that you make accurate repetitions while at it.

Tips for using a Wood Router

  • Do not exert pressure on a router while putting it through a wood piece because the blade will be swift to turn and may cause burns to the wood.
  • Clean up all the dust and wood chippings after using your router to extend its lifespan.
  • Move your router from the left to the right direction to ensure the blade directly connects with the wood.

Final Words

A wood router makes your work easier, especially when dealing with wood pieces. Knowing what a wood router is used for enables you to use it for the right purposes. You can correctly use it in your home for DIY purposes to make decorations and perfect wood edges and for any other purposes.

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