What Is A Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw?

When you have tricky and intertwined woodwork next to you, only a 90-degree movement rule is not enough. What you need is a double bevel compound miter saw. Although you can take care of the cut with traditional saws, a double bevel compound miter saw is the best for cutting materials of any thickness.

But what is a double bevel compound miter saw, and how does it actually work? The question may have arisen on your mind. This article will let you know the detail of the double bevel miter saw. Stay tuned till the end to find out! 

 Types of the bevel compound miter saw

 Bevel cut can be done with two types of miter saw. They are :

  • Single bevel miter saw
  • Double bevel miter saw

Single bevel means only one direction adjustment. Like, your miter saw positioning can only be right or left while using a single bevel miter saw. So what kind of Bavel cut are you going to have with this? Of course, one-directional.

But one thing that I love about the single bevel one, you can do both bevel cut and miter cut with this. Even at the same time, you can make both of the cuts.

But your project may need to cut on double side. With a single-bevel one, you can’t do this. Only one direction may not be enough. So here comes our desired one, a double bevel.

Double bevel one is much more effective for both of the side, left or right. But is it possible to do all the works of the double bevel with a single bevel one?

Well, it is not impossible, it would be best if you were an expert to do this. So, as a beginner, the double bevel is the most comfortable one. Let’s see how it works.  

Double bevel compound miter saw: How it works?

Double bevel compound miter saw How it works

So the main difference is the blade. The blade of the double bevel is not like the single bevel. Its angle can help you to adjust any side, not only one but both of the left and right. You can also use it to change in one side, as like the single bevel compound one.

And the reason for the name “double bevel” is mainly because of its adjusting power on both sides. But how it actually works, or what is the inner mechanism? That’s a little bit theoretical fact, but understanding this will be helpful to be a pro on cutting.

If you examine it nicely, you can find the head of the saw can rotate. And the rotation is fulcrum towards any side, left or right, whatever you want. So while using this, you can easily rotate the head and make a bevel cut on both sides of your workpiece.

Also, you can create multi types of precise and unique cuts that will wonder your client. What is challenging and almost impossible with a single bevel is easy, quick, and comfortable with a double bevel. Just use your creative mind, one spoon of perfection, and boom, your perfect piece of cut is ready.

If you are a professional contractor, or cutting is just a part of your hobby, the double bevel one is here to improve your skill and workflow.       

Pros and cons

As you already know what is a double bevel compound miter saw, now it’s time to find its good and bad sides. There are some obvious positive features of double bevel, and some negative side too. Before buying one, look at them for once to finalize.


Improve Productivity:

Miter saw there is a quick solution for any cutting. Therefore, the double bevel one is the best among the types. It is more efficient and effective. If you want to take the crown molding project or project that needs a trim, the double bevel is the perfect choice for you.

Work faster:

The double bevel will let you make bevel cuts on the left and right sides. And to do this, you don’t need to rotate the piece. So,  your worktime has come to half. Not only an effective pro for work but health too.

Now the perfect cuts:

You can easily rotate the miter saw and cut both sides. This will be the most compelling feature when you want to create a precise amount. And the miter saw will help you to flourish your artistic mind. You can concentrate more on the beauty of the cut than the process.


There are some cons, also. Consider the cons of the double bevel compound miter saw before buying one.

Not cost-effective:

Well, it’s pretty standard. You may already have guessed it. The double bevel metal saw will cost more than other types of miter saw as a single level.

And actually, it’s worth it. However, let’s come to the price. The price varies from store to store and brand to brand. But you have to pay $80-$150 more than the single bevel one.

But still, I would suggest buying a double bevel like hitachi c10fcg because we don’t believe in this expensive product too often. We want to use one for a long time. And for long time use, the double bevel will be a wise choice. It will improve your productivity.

More complicated to use:

The double bevel one is not that complicated, but in comparison to the single bevel, it’s a little bit hard.  

Final Words

Miter saw there is an essential element we all need somehow. Whenever you use any kind of miter saw, don’t forget to take safety measures because the blades are so sharp that it can harm you. And also, that dust can damage your lung if you don’t wear a mask.

And cut the things with the miter saw adequately with the guidance. Single bevel miter saws are suitable for short works. However, the double bevel miter saw is perfect for every kind of result. So when you are going to buy the one, a double bevel compound miter saw should be your choice.

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