What Are Angle Grinders Used for?

What Are Angle Grinders Used for

Angle grinders are one of the most versatile tools that a handyman has in his or her inventory. A lot of people think that angle grinders are only for grinding metal. No! This tool is more than that. Whether it is cutting, sanding, polishing, or sharpening, angle grinders can help you in many jobs. All you have to know is the right way to use it.

We have seen a lot of people asking the same question, what are angle grinders used for? And that is exactly why we have come up with this guide, where you have shown in detail the uses of an angle grinder.

But before that, we have given a section about what is an angle grinder. If you know that, you can skip it, we have compiled that for the newcomers. However, go through the guide, and you will learn a lot of things about angle grinders.

Let’s go!

What is an Angle Grinder?

Let us make it very simple. Angle grinders are just handheld portable power tool that comes with a rotating disk. And the main reason why this power tool was designed is for polishing and grinding. Since this tool comes with a cutting head that is positioned at an angle near the drive shaft, that is why it is named Angle Grinder.

This power tool can be used by three sources of power, petrol, electricity, or compressed air. And you will find both corded and cordless angle grinders in the market. If we talk about size, they come in various sizes and shapes.

Having said that, the 4 and 4.5-inch angle grinders are widely used since a disk of that size is widely available; you will find the disk in your nearest hardware store. Talking about the disk, there are a bunch of attachments of angle grinders. Below, we have added the list.

  • Grinding Discs.
  • Metal Cut-off Discs.
  • Wire up brushes.
  • Dry-out diamond discs.
  • Diamond tuckpointing discs.

Now which attachment you should pick when completely depends on what you are trying to do and which material you are using. Depending on the material you will be working on, you have to choose a different motor, model, and size. For example, if you are working on a tough material such as masonry, then you have to get a grinder that comes with a very powerful motor. Around 5 to 7 amps.

What Are Angle Grinders Used for?

As we have mentioned above, angle grinders are a very versatile power tool, and they have many uses. Below we have listed a bunch of uses for angle grinders.

Sharpening and grinding

Sharpening and grinding

This is what most people use an angle grinder for. And actually, this tool was designed for that at the beginning. Grinding and sharpening with the grinder is too easy. All you need is the tool and the grinding wheel. You are set to grind, remove extra material, deburring, chamfer, and remove excess weld for the weld joints.

Not only that, but with the grinding wheel, you can restore any edge. And you can sharpen any flat surface with the grinding disc pretty easily. If you have any tools that have lost their edge, you can restore that with the angle grinder.

Cutting Metal

Cutting Metal

You know what? Angle grinders can cut metal too! Surprising? Don’t be surprised; some professionals use angle grinders as metal cutters as well. Actually, angle grinder has saved people from investing in a hacksaw; they come at a pretty expensive price. In the present time, very fewer people go for the hacksaw because everyone is doing the metal cutting work with an angle grinder.

Remember we said that you have to choose attachments depending on the materials you are working on? Since you will be cutting metal, you have to add an attachment. And that is an abrasive cutting wheel. You can cut rods, bars, and metal sheets with this.

That being said, for thicker metal cutting, you will have to opt for a metal cutting chop saw. And another very important thing is if you have a plan to use your angle grinder on metal or other stubborn materials, then make sure you invest in a very powerful angle grinder.

Tile and Concrete Cutting

Tile and Concrete Cutting

In construction and renovation works, cutting tiles and concrete is regular work. And always running into big cutting saws for even the small cutting job irritates the worker. Angle grinders come into play here as well.

Constructions workers’ life has become a little more sorted with the coming of an angle grinder. Angle grinders can cut tile and concrete as well. For that, you have to go for another attachment which is a dry-cut diamond disc. With that disc, cutting tile and concrete is too easy.

Cutting Masonry

Cutting Masonry

Not only concrete and tile cutting but angle grinders can also do masonry cutting as well. Install the diamond cutting wheel, and nothing will come your way; you can cut through smoothly. Saying again, metal and masonry are tough materials, and for cutting these items, you must go for a highly powerful angle grinder. Otherwise, you will end up ruining your low-power angle grinder for sure.

Removing Mortar

Removing Mortar

Note that your angle grinder can remove old mortals as well, and that too without giving any damage to the brick. The brick will look like a fresh one. To remove mortar, you will have to use a diamond tuckpointing wheel which has a thickness the same as the width of mortar. And when you are removing the mortar, pass the grinder several times on the mortar to get a good finish.

Before starting the mortar removing process, use a face shield and wear safety goggles. The work will produce a lot of dust, and if somehow they come in contact with your eyes, that can lead to a serious injury. Plus, you might inhale dust if you don’t use a face mask.

Metal Cleaning

You can clean up an old metal with an angle grinder. Install a wire wheel or cup brush, and then the angle grinder over the metal several times until it doesn’t shine. However, both of these attachments are not the same; they are for different conditions of metal.

If the metal you are about to clean is rusty or has paint, use a cup brush to clean that off. On the other hand, if the metal has corners that are hard to reach, then use the wire disc.


These are what angle grinders are used for. I hope we were successful in giving you what you were looking for.

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