How to Make Mufflers Louder? (9 Methods)

Are you one of those people who enjoy that impressive and louder sound of a vehicle? If your vehicle mufflers for V6 are not creating much sound according to your tastes, you can make a few changes easily to get a louder sound.

Now the question is, how to make mufflers louder? The methods are easier than you think. Some processes are expensive, while some are budget-friendly. All the methods are effective enough to give you the required loudness to satisfy you when driving.

Let’s go through the methods intently.

9 Ways to Make Mufflers Loud

Some of the below section methods are the most commonly used and proven ways to make mufflers louder. Be sure that, with the below methods, your car sound will be more aggressive.

how to make mufflers louder

Method 01: Aftermarket Exhaust

An aftermarket exhaust is considered the easiest way to make a car louder. This method increases airflow, which ensures better breathing of the engine. This way, vehicle horsepower gets increased.

Generally, stocks are pretty regulatory; that is why the aftermarket exhausts are the first upgrade of maximum car owners.

Similar to everything, it also has a downside which is its quality.

Manufacturers use upgraded technology in the car exhausts, and they manufacture them with utmost care. Undoubtedly, you will not get the same reliable performance from the aftermarket exhaust. You will get a louder sound from your car for sure, but peace of mind will not be there.

In addition, researching is a must before you get an aftermarket exhaust.

Method 02: Cat back exhaust

As stated earlier, an aftermarket exhaust is the easiest option to make your car louder, but between the aftermarket and cutback exhaust, we would choose the cutback muffler.

This is because it is not only increasing the car sound, but also it will enhance your car appearance.

Cat back exhausts are made of stainless steel. As a result, you can remain worry-free since rust or corrosion can’t damage it. Even dangerous chemicals don’t react with stainless steel, and it is promised to give you many years of service.

In the aftermarket industry, Cat Back exhausts are pretty appealing because it also works to improve car horsepower.

However, if you haven’t changed your vehicle, you probably won’t get much out of this exhaust alone.

Method 03: Exhaust Tip

When researching on the topic, how to make mufflers louder, we found that the methods are expensive.

But many car owners are out there looking for a wallet-friendly option. The exhaust tip method is for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to make mufflers loud.

You might be wondering what exhaust tip is? It is a metal piece that goes on the exhaust. Your car horsepower will not increase in this process, but you will get a decent difference in your car sound.

This option is as much budget-friendly as the aftermarket muffler, and it will cost you a minimum of $15-$25. Moreover, you will find different shapes, sizes, and colors of exhaust tip in the market, but they are all the same in terms of performance.

But if you still get confused, buy a silver-colored exhaust tip. It will increase your car appearance as well.

Method 04: Headers

A set of headers is another easiest, cheapest and aggressive option to make mufflers loud. You will get significant results with this method, especially if a loud aftermarket muffler is installed in your car.

When your car is in idle mode, much difference will not be noticed. But when you place your feet on the pedal, aggressive noise will surely blow your mind.

If you need to increase your car’s horsepower, the headers will also let you do so.

The performance of headers is similar to the aftermarket muffler. They increase the airflow, and this horsepower improves and car sound gets louder than before.

Method 05: Upgradation of the Muffler

If you plan to upgrade any parts of your car to make mufflers louder, upgrade the muffler. Do you know where the car muffler is located? At the underneath of your vehicle, you will find a medium-sized box, and that is the muffler of your car.

Generally, mufflers are designed to decrease the sound level of the exhaust. Don’t be disappointed hearing this because all mufflers are not designated for decreasing sound level. The good news is; a wide range of mufflers are available in the market that performs to increase the sound level.

For instance, straight-one is a top-rated muffler for increasing sound waves. In contrast to turbo and chambered mufflers, straight mufflers are designed with a typical straight line responsible for making the sound more aggressive.

Method 06: By Deleting Muffler

As stated in the beginning, countless ways are available on how to make mufflers loud.

By removing the muffler, your vehicle sound will get louder for sure; this is the best affordable DIY method since you don’t need to take assistance from a professional.

First, check how many sound suppression devices are available in your car and know if it is legal to remove at least one device. Once you get 100% clearance, eliminate one sound suppression device from your car and get a louder muffler.

Method 07: Turbo Chargers

Who doesn’t love to get the dude’s attention? Yes, you will get it if you follow the turbocharger method to make mufflers louder.

But when using the turbocharger method, you will need to consider the cost because it is an expensive method.

Your vehicle’s horsepower and efficiency will increase with the turbochargers process since this method allows more air to enter the combustion chamber.

Although it is an expensive method, the overall performance of your vehicle will improve for sure.

Method 08: Eliminating the Catalytic

Cat delete is an effective method to get louder mufflers. Downpipe is the other name of this process.

Our car creates toxic pollutants, and the catalytic converter is responsible for reducing them. When doing so, the catalytic converter reduces the car’s sound as well.

At this point, using a downpipe is the best solution. Your vehicle noise will increase more than your expectation when you use a downpipe.

“No insulation” – is the character of the downpipe, which means your car torque and performance will be retained.

But one concern is that, since the catalytic converter gets eliminated, toxic gas will emit, which is illegal in many states like California.

So, it is advisable to check your state law before choosing this method.

Method 09: Cold Air Intake

Well, many folks might not find this method effective since it will not increase your vehicle sound at an impressive rate, but you will get a decent amount of increase in the noise level.

Another important factor is, cold air intake will either enhance your vehicle noise or horsepower by increasing the air amount that goes to the engine.

Last Words

Whatever methods you choose from the above discussion on making mufflers louder, keep in mind that if you are exposed to loud noises for an extended period, you may face a problem in hearing. A recent study showed that if you hear more than 95 dB noise for more than 50 minutes uninterruptedly, you will face a hearing problem.

Also, remember, very few people appreciate loud noise. So, before choosing any of the methods mentioned above, check the state law regarding the highest vehicle sound level.

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