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Last updated: October 25, 2020

How To Make Coffee With A Kettle

By Herbert Dorman

A kettle is a device that every person addicted with coffee should have. With this appliance, it is not difficult to prepare a cup of coffee whenever you need without experiencing any problem. Therefore, it is necessary for both beginners and professionals to read this article for better understanding on how to make coffee with a kettle.

The kettle can help you prepare coffee from your place of comfort without moving to kitchen each time you are craving for tea. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer perfectly boiled cup of masala chai or green tea, you can use electric kettle for easy preparation. Besides, kettles boils water nearly faster than the stovetop hence saving time when having busy schedules.


Benefits Of Using Tea Kettles

Being a handy appliance, the kettle can make your work less time consuming and easy. There are numerous reasons for using this device for coffee making including placing the kettle whenever you feel is convenient and prepare your best beverage within a short period. In this section, I am discussing various reasons to use kettles for coffee making.


Saves electricity bill

Electricity consumption is one of the best considerations when looking for coffee making kettles. Using electric kettles is important since it is energy-efficient unlike other microwave. Accordingly, the device helps in heating up water very faster than utilizing electric stove. Generally, the efficiency of electric kettle is 80% than a traditional microwave or stovetop.


Coffee Tastes Better

The test of coffee differs from one person to another depending on the device used for coffee preparation. Electric kettles help users to boil various types of beverages at different temperatures for test provision. Accordingly, there is no alteration and differences of heat consistency when using this device in coffee preparation. 

With this device, users are free from the hassles maintenance alerts and consistence of coffee taste. The in-unit temperature of the modern kettles regulates and switches off automatically upon sufficient boiling of water.


Safer than Stove Tops

The auto shut-off feature on the electric kettle is highly advanced making its use safer than other cooking appliances. It is also important to note that the boiling process stops immediately the bubbling of coffee in the kettle begins. Accordingly, this kettle also protects users against the risk of coffee spillage of out of its top. 

Besides, the device is important in saving users from getting exposed to opens flames on the nasty burns and gas burner. It is necessary to note that making the best coffer is an art and individuals need to take the possible precautions. Boiling coffee gently helps in preventing muddy substances from sticking in the kettle.


Time saving

The time the coffee inside the kettle take to boil is the next precious factor to consider when purchasing a device for coffee making. This is crucial since it takes a lot of time for water to boil particularly during the winter season. Therefore, this coffee making kettle comes with a large wattage for boiling water within the shortest time. 

The approximate amount of energy required for this appliances to boil coffee or other beverages is 80 percent. Additionally, the kettle can also be useful for making simple snacks like noodles since there is a heating coil at the bottom of the container that facilitates faster boiling.


Prevents heat from escaping

In most cases boiling water allows heat to escape hence taking a long period to boil water. However, an electric kettle is important since it prevents heat from escaping and making more pressure to rise quickly hence making coffee to take shorter time to boil. 

This is due to the fact that the bottom of the device takes less time for coffee to boil under continuous heat supply. Normally, it takes 2-3 minutes for a powerful kettle to prepare coffee.


It does not make noise 

Most people do not like a device that produces a lot of noise during the operation since it makes them feel irritated. With this modern electric kettle, you are able to prepare coffee easily since it produces minimum sound. Accordingly, this kettle is the right appliance since it enables users to prepare coffee early in the morning easily.


Making Coffee With A Kettle

If you taking coffee at any given time, and you do not have any filters, you require to make a trip to the market and get the best device for coffee making. With an electric kettle, coffee preparation can just be simple for you. Over boiling coffee simply provides with a muddy substance in the kettle. Moreover, you also have to use the right type of coffee depending on the age and constitution.

how to make coffee with a kettle

The appropriate appliance includes the one with small holes, and a double mesh to prevent coffee grounds from moving into the cup. 


  • Water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Kettle 
  • Mug
  • Small mesh strainer


Steps For Making Coffee With A Kettle

There are various steps used for preparing coffee using a kettle.

  1. Measure the correct amount of water for the cups you need to use in preparing coffee and pour it into the kettle. 
  2. Add the right amount of coffee grounds according to the number of cups you wish to prepare and stir to form a mixture.
  3. Allow the mixture to boil for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the kettle from the source of heat.
  5. Hold the mesh strainer above the mug as you pour coffee through it.


Final verdict

You need to know how to make coffee with a kettle before making a purchasing decision if you need to prepare a cup of coffee for yourself. It comes with the most outstanding features that make it important for coffee making but also for other purposes. Accordingly, the device is important for simple workability, time-saving and keeping users safe from accidents. 

The construction of this model constitutes advanced features such as the stainless steel making easy. The above are technological of using electrical kettle for coffee making. It comes with a perfect design used for preventing incorrect heating that leads to unpleasant bitterness and harshness. Besides, the appliance is important for allowing coffee to boil to the right temperature according to the requirement of coffee lovers.