How To Make A Dust Bag For Miter Saw? (4 Easy Steps)

Cut more and more with the miter saw, and more and more dust will fill your work- yard. When the dust amount is small, it won’t be your headache. But after a while, you will surely realize this awful dust is making a mess. Here comes the problem, how to dispose of this dust?

There are several options, of course. But having a dust bag to get rid of the mess seems to be the perfect solution. You may have created a dust bag for other works, but a dust bag for a miter saw is a little bit different. So, I’ve explained in detail how to make a dust bag for miter saw. Follow them, and make the perfect dust bag.

Materials You need

Check the dust vent of your miter saw. Found it? Yes, now our process can be started. Plastic tubes are the first material. The tube shouldn’t be smaller or larger than the size of the event. You should choose an adjustable one.

But choosing a perfect plastic tube that is adjustable is tough. The user manual can help you out. You can buy land and check if it is flexible or not. 

After having the plastic tube, trust tries to adjust it with the vent. If you feel that the plastic tube is too loose, then it won’t work for you. And make sure that the plastic tube is also not too tight. Select a perfect one.

Now come to the main thing -the bag. What type of bag you should choose is up to you. But my suggestion is to select the synthetic material. Because they are very long-lasting and convenient and don’t forget to take care of the size also, don’t buy too small bags because you have to fill lots of dust. Don’t buy a large bag that would be inconvenient for your workstation. And try to find a bag which is with a zipper. It will help you in case of disposal.

Now time to connect the two materials. You can use glue. Try to find out the best adhesive with the best strength. You may also need some small materials available in your home. Ready the plastic tubes – Let’s see how to do it. 

Prepare the plastic tubes

The main problem that arises is how long the plastic tubes should be. If you make it two-shot, how can you add it with the bag, and how can you place the back in the right position.

Prepare the plastic tubes

So you have to keep the plastic tube a little bit larger. But don’t make it too large. Because blowing out is not a good thing.  

But how? A long-tail tube will produce power, and there is a chance to blow out the back of the miter saw where the vent is located. Now start cutting the pipe. An excellent way to cut the line is a miter saw itself.

Point out how long it should be, mark it, on the switch of the miter saw- and you know the rest. Now your plastic tubes are prepared. Let’s see how we can adjust the bag and prepare it for further use.  

Adjust the bag

Now you have to prepare the bag. First, measure the circle of the bag. You have to cut the opposite side of the bag’s zipper, according to the measure you’ve done. If you can’t cut accordingly, there’s a solution also. Needle and thread can save you. This will help you to make it adjustable enough. Now come to the fitting part.

Add the bag’s cut part with the plastic tube. Then pull it 2 or 3 inches in. This will be a good fitting and make sure that it won’t be detached so easily. And I would suggest you use a good glue to set up the bag with the tube tightly. Don’t worry about disposal.

The zipper is going to help. The collection of dust will be now more straightforward, with the bag and the tube. The parts of dust will come through the box and fall into the bag. The process is almost done. Now, at last, we need to set it up with the miter saw. Make sure you are using the best quality miter saw like the Bosch GCM12SD.

Set it up

First, take a glue that is very good for industrial work. This type of adhesives is very strong, full, and effective. Now add it around the tube and attach the event of the meters or with the tube. Now the process is almost done. But before using it, you have to give a small trial to make sure if it is working right or not.

Go for the trial

The trial round is significant. Because you may make some mistakes and if you start heavy work, it can create a mess we never want. Start the miter saw slowly. And now take a small number of things and cut them. Try this out if it is working nicely or not. There might be a problem adjusting the bag and the tube and changing with the pipe and the vent. Other problems can also happen. But most of the time, it works well, the chance of facing problems is low. If you face any problem, then just fix it and try again. You’re done!

Final Words

DIY takes time, right? There are different ways to manage dust. You can try alternative ideas also. Such as a dust collection hood. Alternatives you may find easily. 

But try the bag first, because it’s the easiest solution, for disposal of the dust caused by miter saw cutting. Furthermore, you can also buy a bag from the shop, but it’s rare to find one. And may not be adjustable with your miter saw. So, as you already know how to make a dust bag or miter saw, this DIY idea is the best thing you can follow to manage the dust. Now hurry up, find the materials, and make the bag you need right now! 

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