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5 Best Welder Generator In 2020

Last updated: September 8, 2020

5 Best Welder Generator In 2020

Your guide to this review today is by product expert Herbert A. Dorman


If you are a welder, you might have crossed a common challenge which is:

No power at the job site.

So, how do you weld if this is the case? Do you have any backup plans?

Well, in this case, an engine-driven welder generator is the perfect solution.

A welder generator can provide power to other items like lights, plasma cutters, and to name a few. How does it give power to other items? Does it generate power?

No, it powers itself and continuously provides power to other items to run.

Welder machines come with different features, and I am pretty sure you are sweating your forehead, finding the best welder generator for your task.

In this article, I am going to share 5 best welder generators that will assist efficiently in any situation.

The 5 Best Welder Generator Reviews

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TOMAHAWK TWG210A is the editor’s pick in our list and one of the best welder generators because of its versatility and impressive output. It comes with a plethora of features that you can rely on doing different types of welding work. Setting up this device is totally unnecessary because, just after unboxing, you can start using this ready to go welder generator.

The weight of this generator is 154lbs, and with the wheels, you will not feel any problem carrying it from one place to another. The dimension is 23X21X28 inches, and it can easily take its place in any compact situation. With 3,000 wattages, 120V, and 210 rated amps, this generator has 2 years of warranty. I believe, unknowingly, you have said “WOW!” reading the features of this generator.

The fuel capacity is 7 gallons, and with this capacity, you will get nearly 7 hours of operating capacity. The size of the gas tank is well enough to hold a fair amount of gas.

Besides, it is compatible to work with MMA, MIG, Stick, TIG, and flux core welders.

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HOBART Champion Elite Welder generator is an excellent edition in the welder generator industry, which is 11,000W of generator power. With its impressive power, you can work in your job site, home, or firm. You will not feel any hassle to handle ½” thick material using the functions of this welding generator. If you are doing light welding work and looking for a perfect welding generator, purchase this gas-powered 23HP Kohler engine welder generator without thinking twice.

Setting up and operation process is pretty simple in this welder generator. Even resetting the circuit breaker is also straightforward. It is specially designed to work with a scratch start, TIG welding, and flux core. Your worry will become less when you learn, this welder generator is harmonious to work with DC welding too.

12-gallon is its fuel-capacity, and compared to other generators to its size, it clocks a bit lighter. Not too much in the majestic structure (nearly 20-30lbs less) but enough to cover some generous weight capacity.

It comes with 1/3/5 years of limited warranty. Also, the manufacturer offers a separate warranty period for engines, batteries, and tires.

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The Lincoln is the younger brother of Lincoln ranger 305. Also, they have few similarities in their specs too. You will get 9,000W powers from this welder continuously and note that its peak power is 10,500W. With its 12 gallons of fuel capacity, it will allow you to continue your job by giving 12 – 14 hours of backup. This welder can help you to do multipurpose tasks, including Stick, TIG, flux core, and MIG. It will provide you with a very smooth weld because of the stick DC.

By default, you will get DC power from this welder. But you are also allowed to provide power to your AC powering tools. Your work will be much more relaxed while doing some Stick/TIG welding with the AC power provided by the Lincoln 225 welder. It means this welder is ready to serve you as per your requirement.

Controlling and maintenance of this welder is tremendously easy. Believe me; you don’t need to hire any person for its maintenance. With its 3 switch options: Off, Start, and Idler, makes the controlling very simple between the options. The good news is, frequently changing oil is unnecessary in this welder. After every 100 hours, you need to change the oil. And you can change the oil filter after 200 hours of use. It shows you are worry-free in terms of maintenance.

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I have no other choice except Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G to select as a TOP Pick. You will simply amaze looking at all the features that it has. It is specially designed for keeping the welding work in mind. Whatever is your task, either stick or wire, TIG or pipe welding, no matter what task you are assigning to it. It is ready to fulfill all your requirements by providing 9,500W continuous power. In addition to welding, it has enough power output for any other equipment you may need for any task.

The good news is; this welder has chopper technology, which is assisting in smoothening out the welds. Besides, you can use this technology to reduce the size of the spatter and bead. Welding steel, cast iron, and stainless steel will become hassle-free using this welder. It shows you can use this welder for different purposes.

Additionally, Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G is inverter friendly as well. So, if you require, without any confusion, you can power any inverter welders too.

Also, tracking your tasks with it, will become a lot easier because of its digital power panel.

All in all, you don’t need to be skilled and experience enough to maintain, refuel, and handle this welder machine.

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Miller Electric is a renowned name in the welder generator industry because they always come with quality products. Like many welder generators, this welder is also designed to provide you even current that will never spike up and down. Working with the welder will make your work much more accurate, and your accuracy will increase than before. To confirm continuous maximum power, it also works in a 100% duty cycle at full amps.

Even with this impressive running rate, this welder will give you long time service to accomplish the heavy-duty task. Miller has taken some changes to its size from the previous version to make it a portable welder. Moreover, you can make your decision from the available models, which are the LP version, EFI version, and Gas.

It features 9,500W constant power and 11,000W peak power. If you want to hit the welder profession seriously, this is the welder generator that you should look for.

During refueling, the backsplash will reduce due to the “Smart fuel Tank” design. Even after 2 years of use, it will continuously give you with a range of 40 to 250AMPS with a 25V rated output at 100% duty cycle. 

Best Welder Generator Buying Guide

Welder generators use different electrical and mechanical properties. So, while purchasing, you need to have a clear understanding of these properties.



This is the place where you need to blend the juice to take out the power. You can measure the reliability of an engine easily. And if you want to get the best-quality engine, you have no other choice to choose a renowned brand. Kohler, Hobart, along with some other brands, are well-known engine manufacturers.

Another point you need to keep in mind is, a good engine will cost higher.

In order to accomplish a regular welding job, the 10HP engine is a must. 12HP – 20HP engines will provide you more compelling work. And from these engines, you will get a minimum of 5,000W continuously, and their peak will be more than 8,000W.



Firstly, learn what the fuel requirement of the engine is. For many generators, Gasoline is the most popular fuel source. OH! I forget to let you know, diesel is also similarly popular.

Also, make sure you are allowed to run generators in your region.

It is evident; more fuel capacity means better performance. The standard level of fuel capacity is 7 gallons. And every gallon should be able to upkeep the welder generator at least for 1.5 hours with 4,000W continuously.

Moreover, it would be best if your selected welder has any sort of fuel measuring system.


Duty Cycle

Following the duty cycle, you will be able to measure the break time of a welder generator after every continuous phase of operation. If a welder says, its duty cycle is 40%, know that you need to give it 6 minutes of rest after 4 minutes of constant operation. The minimum expectation level of duty cycle is 30%. And the maximum measurement level is 100%.



Generally, the welding machine comes with the welder machine. But all machines don’t contain the full set. You will get some tools with your purchased welder generator and balance you may need to purchase separately.

Below is the list of tools a welder generator may contain

  • Pieces for connection.
  • Hand gloves.
  • Funnel for oil.
  • Cover (water-resistant).
  • Tools for old weather.
  • Running gear.
  • Hex wrench (small-sized).
  • Fast connector.

Remember, from the above list, cover (water-resistant) and running gear is both must-have accessories with the welder. Also, if you are staying in a cold-weather region, you should get tools for cold-weather along with the welder generator.


Built and Maintenance

There is no doubt when you are purchasing an expensive product; you will not compromise the product durability. So, the device should come with a robust metal case. A totally enclosed casing will be durable without any confusion. There should be few openings to give you a chance to do maintenance work.

Also, the device has to be lightweight so that you can carry it if required. Besides, there should be any resistance to keep the batter safe from water damage.



You may get a lot of complaints from the neighbors due to the high sound created by the welder generator. So, choose a welder generator that doesn’t produce sound more than 80dB.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should be the ideal size of a generator to run 140A welder?

The ideal KVA of a generator to run 140A welder is 8. However, a generator with no less than 7 KVA or more than 8 KVA will also deliver excellent performance.

What are the key differences between an alternative welder and a generator welder?

AC current gets generated by an alternative welder. On the other hand, both a generator welder generates both AC and DC currents. Also, a generator can provide power to different electrical items. Often an entire home can get electricity from the generator during an extended power outage.

What is the fuel requirement of a welder generator?

In the market, both gasoline-powered and diesel-powered welder generators are available. And both types provide an excellent result. So, while purchasing, you can pick any of them without any tension.

Wrap Up

When you are purchasing an expensive product, you have to have a good knowledge about the product as well as well-research is a must.

I believe the welder mentioned above generators will fulfill all your needs, and the buying guide will assist you in making the right decision.

Read the full article carefully and make the best investment of your money.

Herbert A. Dorman

Mr. Dorman has been working with hand machine tools and machinery equipment -for 15 years. Through his entire journey, he invested all his time to research different types of tools. Based on his 15 years of research, he decided to add value to the new buyer. That is why Dorman aimed to create a website.

In this website, he writes about different tools reviews and information to support the fresh, or semi-professional experts. For that reason, Mr. Dorman has built a team to collect actual data, and to test every instrument. So, it is clear that – you are going to get authentic reviews and information from this website.

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