The 10 Best Staple Guns For Professionals And DIY Enthusiasts In 2021

Are you a DIY enthusiast or a professional who works with home improvement or simple woodworking? If yes, you may know how crucial it is to have the best staple gun in your pack.

For anyone working with woodcraft, having a gun that shoots nails is a blessing to get the best shape of the material. But at times, nail guns can be too harsh on the softer materials and can even cause damage. In that case, a staple gun is what you are looking for!

So, where do you find the top staple gun? Well, there is an ocean of staple guns out there that you can’t cease to swim into. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have compiled some of the most useful and functional staple guns that you would definitely want to have in your arsenal today!

So without further ado, let’s hop in!

  1. Best For Long-Hour Projects – Heavy Duty Staple Gun by Stanley (Tr 110)
  2. Best For Compact Profile – Bostitch Heavy-duty Staple Gun
  3. Best For Household – Light Duty Staple Gun Stanley ( TR45k)
  4. Best For Pressure Control – Stanley Sharpshooter Staple Gun
  5. Best For Professional Use – Arrow Fastener T50
  6. Best For Combo Performance – Dewalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad nail
  7. Best For Storage – Stanley TR250
  8. Best For Fatigue-Free Use – Arrow Fastener P22
  9. Best For Beginners – Arrow Fastener Dual Purpose Staple Gun (T2025)
  10. Best For Rapid Fire – Powershot pro (Arrow fastener 8000)


Top 10 Best Staple Guns Reviews

Finding out these products was not at all a child’s play. We had to dig deep into the available options online, and it took us quite a lot of time. We had to go through the hundreds of models with unique features and customer feedback to make sure we pick the best choices. And finally, we made a list of the following 10 staple guns that genuinely lived up to the mark.

STANLEY Stapler Gun, Heavy Duty, Steel, 1/4-Inch to 9/16-Inch (TR110)

Heavy-duty staple guns are used for tough jobs. Because this type of tool can attach the pin or brad faster and accurately. And that is the reason behind choosing Stanley Tr110 as our first product. This hand machine has made from chrome-plated steel.

And chrome-plated steel is rust and corrosion-resistant. So, a user doesn’t need to think about durability. Also, the staple gun has convenient reloading capacity and handle lock options. The handle lock option is perfect for storage capacity.

Therefore, you can staple in your working place for a long time with a single load. It usually loads around ¼ to 9/16 staples. Based on the capacity, we can say that – you can even staple the thick wood with this trigger staple gun.

BOSTITCH Upholstery Stapler/Tacker, Heavy Duty (T6-8)

This second one is also a subsidiary of Stanley, though previously it was named only Bostitch. Later the company becomes stronger with a tremendous improvement. And we are going to talk about the growth through explaining the features.

At first, we are going to talk about the grip. The grip of this tool has made from rubber, and it is soft enough to squeeze. So, as a user, you won’t experience any fatigue or joint pain. It does not mean the softness will impact on the work.

Instead, every staple is accurate and fixes in the right position. As a result, your work becomes less time-consuming. There are some other reasons for excellent stapling accuracy. And we call the reason is -its combination.

The combination means: the design of this staple gun is compact. If we look at the tool strictly, then we will see; how lightweight the staple gun is. Plus, it has a fantastic reloading power. Like; you just put the supplies in the reloader, then the spring will adjust with its inherent power.

That is why we call this tool a perfect combination for a DIY project. Not only we meant the previously said features are enough, but also, we loved the safety features. Safety options of this tool are; a secure locking system to lock the handle after use, a rubber grip for sweaty hand to avoid an accident.

So, we recommend this tool for those who want an affordable hand tool.

STANLEY Stapler Gun, Light Duty, Quick Jam Clear Mechanism (TR45K)

Besides the demand for heavy-duty staple, Stanley offers the light-duty staple gun. This gun is not that impressive but effective for office and household work. And here, we are about to write a detailed review of the Tr45k staple gun.

What we liked at first – is its simplicity. To define simplicity, we better point the chrome-plated cover. This cover saves the steel from rust and corrosion. Apart from the durable touch, this staple gun has a flexible grip.

This flexibility means you don’t have to struggle with joint pain and fatigue. Instead, you have to work with the focus. Why? Because the bottom part ensures a flexible loading, which means “plug and play.” Just put the supplies in storage and start to clip on the desired place.

Sound great, right? One more thing left -that is a quick jam cleaner. It is such kind of mechanism; that allows you to unclog the staple within a minute. As a result, you can utilize the time to work with the occasional DIY project.

STANLEY SharpShooter Stapler, Heavy Duty (TR150HL)

Variations like high and low power lever can enhance your stapling experience better. And yes, Stanley brought this variety with their TR150HL model.  The model ensures different pressure for different surfaces.

If the surface is intense, then it will use a high power lever. Otherwise, it will use a low power lever to fix the pin or brad.  Apart from the “lever feature,” this tool has an aircraft aluminum coat. This coat will protect the gun from rust, and it will confirm the durability.

Stanley has also introduced a rubber grip -to save the user’s hand from the accident. For example, a sweaty hand can slip. Thus, it can cause a disaster. And a rubber grip can save the side from an accident.

This information is not the end. The tool also has a dedicated storage facility to load enough supplies. So, as a user, you can perform a lot of carpeting or household work. Therefore, if you intend to buy a high-end staple, then don’t late.

Arrow Fastener T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun

People always prefer a simple and easy thing for their regular work. And arrow fastener T50 is an excellent example of -simple and accessible tool. This stainless steel made staple gun can do light work as a king.

“King?” yes, we mean that. This hand machine can endure the toughness because of the chrome plate touch. Chrome-plated touch is best for rust and corrosion resistance, which means a durable tool.

Another remarkable feature of this tool is – its handle. The handle of arrow fastener t50 is not dull. This feature means you can work more than hours without having fatigue and joint pain. Apart from the pain relief facilities, this tool provides the anti-jam option.

The anti-jam option can save you time. If you still face the clogged staple for having an anti-jam feature, then take the instruction manual. There is a secret lesson, “how to free the staple jam” Simple!

And the final feature of this hand machine tool is a storage option. You can install enough T-50 staples for an hour’s use. In our case, we put ¾ staples. It worked for us. So, we recommend this tool for upholstery repair and general repair.

DEWALT - GID-286785 DWHTTR350 Dewalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad Nailer

DEWALT DWHTTR350, A different type of tool we are about to introduce with you at this sixth session. Now, why are we mentioning this different? Because you can do two things: stapling and nailing. Yes, we are telling you the truth.

In fact, the famous hand tool-making company Dewalt ensures versatility. Dewalt DWHTTR350 staple gun had made from aluminum. For durability, aluminum has an excellent acceptance in the vehicle world. Based on the recognition, we can say -this tool is durable.

The next feature is its easy squeezing option; the rubber-made handle creates a sturdy grip for the user. This characteristic means, your hand won’t get fatigued and joint pain. Including the pain relief facilities, this tool also has anti-jamming technology.

Anti-jamming technology keeps the vent, magazine, and trigger free. Still, if you face the jam, then open the instruction manual, you will find a “one-second solution.” 

Besides the anti-jamming technology, this tool has another facility, which is -you can use any 18-gauge staple in this device. So, if you want a versatile tool, then this one would be the perfect one.

STANLEY SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun, Heavy Duty, Gray/Black (TR250)

It seems like Stanley has occupied our hearts. Yes, they are, because we could not resist ourselves from being amazed over and over. The reason behind choosing another Stanley product – is its UX.

What type of user experience are we meaning? Well, this TR250 staple gun can not only do the stapling job but also can do several works: it can work as a brad nailer, wire tracker, and cable tracker.

These feature means, as a user, you don’t have to pay for brad nailer; instead, you can do your tremendous job. To make your job easier, this manufacturer has introduced a high/low power lever. These sorts of gears will help you to adjust hard and soft material attachment.

The next remarkable experience is; it has enough storage, which ranges 9/16 staple and 5/8 brads. Therefore, you can work by saving a lot of time. Not only it will save you time, but also it will keep your hands free from fatigue.

For ensuring the exciting feature, the owner adopted a flush-nose design in this staple gun. Apart from all earlier said features, This Tr250 has aircraft aluminum coating for rust and corrosion resistance.

In a nutshell, we recommend this tool for professional use.

Arrow Fastener P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler

Number eight of our list has won our hearts for some unique features. For example, it has cam-actuated leverage. This feature is compatible with air and hydraulic pressure. As a result, you can staple any paper or plywood without extra Hassel. It also reduces the stress from hand. So, be relaxed from joint pain and fatigue

Besides the cam-actuated feature, this heavy-duty machine has durability for chrome-plated coating. This type of liner works excellent when it covers the steel. And yes, arrow fastener p22 has covered with iron. This steel made tool has also offered some exceptional features. Such as a handguard option to secure the grip.

Another feature is; 1/4 and 5/16 staple range.  In one word, if most of the job is bagging, tagging, and sealing, then take this one as your good friend.

Arrow Fastener T2025 Dual Purpose Staple Gun and Wire Tacker

Like the previous one, this number nine has come with some variety. But these varieties are not satisfying if you are a professional guy. Because Arrow Fastener T2025 staple gun has made especially for the entry-level user.

So, as an entry-level user, you will enjoy this tool while using household light work. Why? It has a chrome finished body for durability. Aside from the long-lasting feature, this tool offers jam resistance mechanism and easy squeezing option.

 For utilizing these two standard options, a user has to install T25 sized staples. And the ranges of the staples are 3/8, 9/16, 5/16 and 7/16. These ranges are good enough to staple cardboard, plywood, etc.

Thus, we can recommend the staple gun for entry-level use.

Arrow Fastener 8000 PowerShot Pro Forward-Action Staple Gun

The last one of our lists is a single-handed staple gun. Arrow Fastener 8000 tool has some extraordinary features. And here we are going to write about all the features. So, the first thing about the product is -it has kickback resistance to avoid an accident.

As a result, a user gets a good grip during the working time. Since we mentioned the word “good grip,” it is better to clear “why it has a good grip?” Arrow used a rubber coating over the handle to avoid fatigue and joint pain.

Besides the rubber coating, they also used a chrome platted cover -to keep the tool rust and corrosion-free. This coating means you can run a long time with the staple gun.  Including the durability, we found two more extra options: one can staple simultaneously nail the brads too.

In one sentence, this one is good to go within budget.

Buying Guide of the Best Staple Gun

Remember, we have asked, “which staple gun is better for you?” at the beginning of our review. Yes, you got the answer. It is a “trigger staple gun.”

Now, why we choose the trigger staple gun? Because we found that -people are mainly chasing this staple gun for flexibility, comfortability, and budget-friendliness. But there are still some buyers who have a different choice.

Maybe they don’t want to buy the trigger staple gun. So, based on the different types of buyer intention, we have decided to write a buying guide. In this guideline, you will find the details of how to choose the right staple gun. At first, we will describe three different staple guns; then, we will point out some factors – that you should consider before buying.


Trigger staple gun

This gun has a spring-powered mechanism. By using this mechanism, you can drive the tool with one hand. The main feature of this trigger gun is its flexibility and portability. A user can use this hand machine for heavy or light-duty work.


Electric staple gun

The next one is an electric staple gun. This tool has a slight difference from a trigger staple gun. And “what is the difference?” it has an electrical cord. The cord provides electric power to the machine. As a result, a user can complete his/her work within a limited time. This tool is time-efficient and reduces hand pressure.


Pneumatic staple gun

A pneumatic staple gun is a better way from electric and trigger staple gun. This tool is best for professional working. Because you can do any screening, carpet padding, ceiling tile, weather stripping, and poster boarding with this tool.

pneumatic staple gun

Manual Staple Gun

These are handheld guns that come with some spring-loaded models. These guns work in an elementary manner. When you depress the levers, the gun will immediately fire the stables. If you are planning to hang some exterior decorations outside your home, these are the perfect choices for you.

Flooring Staple Gun

These guns are basically air-powered. You can fire the staples from the gun in the hardwood with less effort. A few versions of these guns come with a spring-loaded model.

Tack-Hammers Gun

This type of staple gun is usually struck on the surface so that it can fire staple inside. If you are looking for a tool to hang resin papers, this type of gun will be quite helpful.

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Things To Consider While Purchasing Staple Gun



When you go for buying a staple gun, you will check the comfort zone. It depends on your workload. If you have light work and DIY project. Then, we recommend choosing the manual staple gun. These tools are flexible and portable.


Size of the staple

Our second recommendation is the size. There are three different sizes: electric staple size is 5/8 inches, trigger staple size is ¼ to 9/16 inches, and pneumatic staple size is 9/16 inches. Earlier staple size is not the exact size; we just shared our experience. So, before buying the staple, please consider the review.


Since you are not investing for a limited time, we suggest you check the durability. For checking the strength, you need to see the materials. In this case, steel, aluminum, and chrome-plated coating are the best solutions. They last longer than usual.



Finally, our suggestion is to check the “easy to use” term, which means you should check the flexibility. For example, some of the users love to work with a standard staple, or someone loves to work with an electric and pneumatic staple. It depends on the choice. So, we recommend using a manual staple gun because it is flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is a staple gun?

The price of staple gun varies from type to type. A manual staple gun price is a minimum of $15.

How to remove staple gun staples?

At the bottom of every staple gun, there is a magazine. In this place, the staple stays. You unlock the magazine and bring the case out. Then, take a brush and remove the staples. You can use your fingers.

What size are standard staples?

¼ inch is the standard size of a regular staple.

What metal are staples made of?

Steel is the primary material of every staple gun.

What is the best staple gun for upholstery?

We prefer pneumatic or manual staple gun for upholstery.


So, we are at the final stage of our review article. Here we will put our recommendation. If you are searching for a manual staple gun, then our top ten will be the best choice. Because we checked each of the staples by our hand.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying an electric or pneumatic staple gun, then we have a fine-tune buying guide for you. By following our buying guide, you can choose the best staple gun for you.

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