The 10 Best Impact Sockets Set For DIYer/ Automotive Technician (2022)

Are you an industry expert or working as an automotive technician? Or looking for the best impact socket sets to start your new project? If you are frequently using an impact tool, undoubtedly, an impact socket will definitely be useful.

An impact socket set is a regular partner of an automotive technician. It can withstand the high level of torque generated by a modern impact drill. So the built quality has to be good enough. Unfortunately, many DIY enthusiasts purchase a cheap socket set that leads them to a disastrous situation. 

Since many manufacturers are available in the socket industry, finding the best toolset is a daunting task. This article aims to make the daunting task easy for you. I reviewed 10 impact socket sets constructed with premium quality materials, comes at an affordable price range. Also, you will get a buying guide and FAQ section to make an accurate purchase.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Researching is an integral part of making a purchase decision. I identified the best impact socket sets of this article by interviewing 5 experts, reading 32 articles and 197 customer reviews. The researching work took 32 hours to complete. Finally, we gave the editor’s pick title to the TEKTON Impact Socket Set – 15 pieces | 4883. It is a value-adding product for the money with impressive features. 

What Are the Best Impact Socket Sets?

This section has shared the key features and benefits of each reviewed impact socket set of this article. Reading below, you can understand which set is ideal for your project.

1. Editor’s Pick: TEKTON Impact Socket Set – 15 pieces | 4883

Size markings are etched with laser for easy reading; even you will not face a low-light condition. 

2. Best Buy: TEKTON Impact Socket Set | 47920

Made of Heat treated chrome vanadium makes it a rust-proof impact socket set. 

3. Champion: EPAuto ½ inch Impact Socket Set

A robust socket set is an ideal choice for u-bolts.

4. Best Budget-friendly: GEARWRENCH 19 pc Socket Set – 84932N

A superior quality impact socket set promises to deliver long-term service and comes at a wallet-friendly price range.

5. Best for Safely Store: Neiko 02474A ½” Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

It includes a blow molded case for easy storing and organization.

6. Reputed: SK Hand Tool 4090 – 40 pieces Socket Set

The hex side gets driven instead of the corner due to the SK’s SureGrip hex design.

7. Also Great: Stanley 97-126 11 pieces ½” Impact Socket Set

The wall thickness of the socket set is optimized. This way, it offers power while maintaining adequate access to limited fasteners. 

8. Best Design: TEKTON 4888, 8-32mm 38-piece Impact Socket Set 

Heat-treated chrome vanadium steel construction, black electroplated finish, and sleek design will surely grab your attention.

9. Best for Turning Power: GEARWRENCH 44pc Standard Socket Set – 84916N 

Robustly built impact socket set provides superior torque to turn the stubbornness fasteners.

10. Best for Heavy-duty: DEWALT 10-piece Impact Socket Set | DW22812

This impact socket set is compatible to perform with both cordless and corded impact wrenches and drivers. 


TEKTON Impact Socket Set – 15 pieces | 4883
TEKTON Impact Socket Set – 15 pieces | 4883
EPAuto ½ inch Impact Socket Set
EPAuto ½ inch Impact Socket Set
Premium Pick
SK Hand Tool 4090 – 40 pieces Socket Set
SK Hand Tool 4090 – 40 pieces Socket Set

10 Best Impact Sockets Set Review

Well, while researching, my all intention was to give a list where the impact socket sets are affordable, durable, and designed to receive high amounts of torque. Let’s go for a detailed review.

1. Editor’s Pick: TEKTON Impact Socket Set – 15 pieces | 4883

TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Impact Socket Set, 15-Piece (10-24 mm) | 4883

The editor’s pick in this list is TEKTON Impact Socket Set 4883 model. This model from TEKTON is specially designed for professionals who are highly enthusiastic about their job. You don’t need to be worried if you have a limited budget because it is affordable in price.

The best feature of this socket is, it is compatible with 6-point socket design. As a result, this socket set can work to improve the high-torque surface. This socket set will assist you to fasten horizontal, wide, and cornered rims of the bolts and nuts with excellent grip. It creates a deep-drive impact and thus corroded, cranks, and fixed bolts get loosened effortlessly. 

Identifying the sockets are pretty simple even at dark also because the sizes of every impact sockets are etched with a high-contrast permanent laser. Also, to confirm durability, this set is made of chrome vanadium material and the material is heat-treated and forged. Moreover, to keep it rust-free, a coat of black phosphate is used on the surface of every impact socket.

It comes with a beautiful case to keep the socket damage-free. Besides, no chance of theft and displacement is also confirmed due to the customized case.

  • Approved by ANSI.
  • Durable built confirmed by chrome vanadium steel.
  • Markings are well-visible during the night also.
  • Incorrect sizing information.

2. Best Buy: TEKTON Impact Socket Set | 47920

TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Impact Socket Set, 12-Piece (5/16-1 in.) | 47920

Can you imagine a tool which has received 96% positive reviews in more than 950+ ratings? Yes, the device is a TEKTON Impact socket set – 47920. And because of this impressive performance, I gave the best buy title to this tool.

Like all other best quality sockets, this socket set also comes with 6-point socket design. And chrome vanadium steel is used to manufacture this socket set. Also black phosphate coating is keeping this socket set free from any types of rust and corrode.

Are you wondering why this set has come with 6-point socket design? The manufacturer intentionally followed this design to offer more access to hardly-reach fasteners. Due to the 6-point design, the user will be able to make replacement of high-torque surfaces with no trouble, preventing and retaining the round of the fasteners. 

Additionally, the significant feature is, you will not face any difficulty to see the size markings of each impact socket when you are working in the dark. Because the markings are engraved using laser etching.  

  • Affordable in price.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Chrome vanadium steel is pre-heated and forged.
  • Made in China and thus, the quality concern comes.

3. Champion: EPAuto ½ inch Impact Socket Set

EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive SAE Deep Impact Socket Set, Cr-V, 6 Points, 11 Sockets

This impact socket set has come with all impressive features that makes it one of the best impact sockets set surfing in the market. All sockets of this set are powerful and capable of preventing high impact equipment turning and torque.

These matrix sockets are surprisingly robust and are used when stabilized and deeply blocked. This socket set is suitable for u-bolt nuts. In terms of design, material and construction, you will not find any other socket set similar to this. It is made of hardened Cr-V alloy that makes it a highly durable socket set. Besides, this set is corrosion-free because of a thin coating of manganese phosphate and finishing of sandblasting.

You will never regret purchasing EPAuto ½ inch Impact set due to its strong and robust built. 

  • Sturdy and capable enough in handling abuse.
  • To keep the socket set free from rust, thin manganese phosphate coating is used.
  • Impressively reasonable price tag.
  • Some customers claimed they received missing sizes in the package.

4. Best Budget-friendly: GEARWRENCH 19 pc Socket Set – 84932N

GEARWRENCH 19 Pc. 1/2" Drive 6 Pt. Standard Impact Socket Set, SAE - 84932N

This set comes with a 19 pcs 6-point socket set. To provide exceptional power and sturdiness, this set is built of CR-MO alloy steel. The durability is stored because of the material, and all sockets will never get rusted as it has black phosphate coating. It means GEARWRENCH keeps its focus in providing high-durable socket sets to their customers.

A beautiful case confirms the security of the socket set that it comes with the impact socket set. You can easily store them in a safe place as well as carrying them. Any professional will love the innovative design and wonder by getting efficient performance from this socket set. 

Etched marking by the laser, the unique chamfered starts, are the evidence of the quality of this socket set. The upgraded technology named parallel necks is used in this set which will allow you to accomplish your task in a tight space. Additionally, the off-corner filling system nearly reduces fastener turning.

  • Highly durable socket set.
  • Easily readable markings on each socket.
  • Comes with a variety of sizes.
  • Inconsistent performance.

5. Best for Safely Store: Neiko 02474A ½” Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

Neiko 02474A 1/2" Drive Deep Impact Socket Set, 15 Piece | 6 Point Metric Sizes (10-24 mm) | Cr-V Steel

My list of the best impact sockets set will remain incomplete if I don’t keep the Neiko 02474A ½” Drive Deep Impact socket set. A skilled mechanic will always look for an impact socket set that will provide comfortable working so that s/he can handle a variety of impact tools. The good news is that this impact socket will allow you to handle impact tools precisely and definitely at an affordable price.

Many average sockets contain black oxide coating on their surface, and ultimately they get rusted early. At this point, the manufacturer Neiko decided to alter the technology to black phosphate. The great news is; black phosphate has 0% chance to get corroded. Moreover, we all know chromium-vanadium steel is a durable material. And this socket is built of Cr-V steel.

You will never fall into hassle while selecting and categorizing Neiko ½” socket sets. Laser etching on the socket set surface makes the selecting and classifying process much more comfortable than before. 

OH! I forgot to let you know; this socket set comes with 14-pieces socket and a beautiful carrying case for easy storing and socket safety.

  • Affordable price tag.
  • Black phosphate coating makes this set corrode-free.
  • Easy selection and categorization.
  • Not a suitable socket set for bulk projects.

6. Reputed: SK Hand Tool 4090 – 40 pieces Socket Set

SK Hand Tools 4090 Fractional Socket SuperSet– 40-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive 6 Point Metric Accessories. High Visibility Impact Units

Have you ever wondered, a socket set will come with a 40-pieces impact socket? The manufacturer SK hand tool introduces this heavily built socket set that comes with SureGrip Hex design. The side of the hex gets driven due to this design, not the angle that increases the power. The hex tool corner is sharped, and thus the round fasteners remain free from getting rusted and damaged.

One of the best features of this tool is, to keep the metrics unit highly visible, laser engraved is used to improve the visibility of the markings. As a result, recognizing the measurement will become straightforward. Also, whatever the classification, there is no chance of confusion. 

Are you biting your nails thinking about the harsh weather? You should say “bye-bye” to your worries because, on top of the rust-resistant coating, a weather-proof metal is placed to keep each socket damage-free from extreme weather. 

And, you should remain tension-free thinking about the strength of this socket set because the strength is well-stored which you should know and expect from the manufacturer. 

  • Laser engraved markings for improving visibility.
  • Well-fighter against corrosion.
  • Best customer service.
  • No drawback has been found till now.

7. Also Great: Stanley 97-126 11 pieces ½” Impact Socket Set

STANLEY Impact Sockets, 1/2-Inch Drive, Metric, Deep, 11-Piece (97-126)

The manufacturer Stanley always surprises their customer by providing a quality product at a reasonable price. And this Stanley 97-126 ½” socket set doesn’t come with difference in terms of price. You will be amazed to hear that you can purchase this quality set under $35. Isn’t it amazing? All the 10-24mm socket are nicely displayed in a carrying case that has come with the socket set.

It is a well-made, fierce and corrode-free socket set that is constructed with Cr-V steel and black powder coating. I believe many customers are looking for a socket set which is hard enough to retain the strength after every use. And those customers’ quench has come to an end after the arrival of this socket set. This socket set is heat-treated to fulfill many customer’s requirements.

Out of so many features, one of the best features of this socket set is, you can use this socket set without any safety concern. Because ANSI has given a certificate to this set which means, this socket set meets all the safety specifications of ANSI. So, isn’t it safe to use?

  • ANSI certified and safe to sue.
  • Considerably reasonable.
  • Solid and organized set.
  • Sizing is irregular.

8. Best Design: TEKTON 4888, 8-32mm 38-piece Impact Socket Set

TEKTON 3/8, 1/2 Inch Drive 6-Point Impact Socket Set, 38-Piece (3/8-1-1/4 in, 8-32 mm) | 4888

TEKTON introduces a 38-piece socket set to their customer in order to meet all the requirements that a customer has. With these many heads, you probably won’t face the need to supplement your collection any time soon. 

This set can tackle the wear and tear situation without creating any problem because premium quality steel or chrome material makes it possible. Moreover, this set has become highly resilient that can perform any given task. This tool is ready to provide you with long lifespan service, undoubtedly.

Searching for the right socket set during low light condition will become effortless because all sets are marked well. As a result, you will never encounter a problem to organize the set as per category and selection. 

You can’t raise any question about its performance anytime because TEKTON sockets loosen the stubbornness nuts and bolts proficiently and effectively transfer the torque from the wrench immediately. Made from robust chrome vanadium which makes TEKTON’s impact socket highly durable than typical impact sockets, resulting in a long usable life. 

  • ANSI approved.
  • Well-built with chrome vanadium material.
  • One of the best sockets sets in the industry.
  • Mediocre carrying case.

9. Best for Turning Power: GEARWRENCH 44pc Standard Socket Set – 84916N

GEARWRENCH 44 Pc. 3/8" Drive 6 Pt. Impact Socket Set, Standard & Deep, SAE/Metric - 84916N

With chrome molybdenum alloy steel, this GEARWRENCH 84916N socket set has become exceptionally strong and robust. Socket sets get corroded if they are not made with premium quality corrosion-resistant material. The good news is, you can give a sound sleep at night because black phosphate coating keeps this set free from rust and corrode.

It has a carrier similar to a briefcase is carrying all the 44-piece carefully and confirming no damage will happen when you are carrying them to anyplace.

You will give thanks to the parallel neck down design because this design will allow you to get access to the limited fasteners with ease. Other features of this socket are: easily readable markings, drive square, ANS certificate makes this socket set one of the best set in the market.

  • Efficient performance.
  • Briefcase like carrying case.
  • 44-piece socket set.
  • No weather coating can get rusted at humid conditions, special care required.

10. Best for Heavy-duty: DEWALT 10-piece Impact Socket Set | DW22812

DEWALT Impact Socket Set, SAE, 1/2-Inch, 10-Piece (DW22812)

Last but not least, DEWALT 10-piece DW22812 socket set is the smallest socket set in this list. But the smallest doesn’t mean it will not provide quality work. This socket set insists me to add it into the list of 10 best impact sockets set with its performance. It will become a tremendous addition to your tool list as you can use this socket set with both wrenches as well as impact drivers.

It is a set of 8 sockets and 2 adapters, and the carrying case uses pivoting organization pins. And thus the set becomes more functional. 

Although these sockets are small in size compared to another socket size, they get fitted to drivers and wrenches really well. When shaking, the carrying case keeps the sockets into their place tightly. 

Moreover, with the help of recessed corner’s, rounding gets reduced, and the lifespan of the sockets increased. Besides for better readability, laser-etched marking is used on each socket’s surface.

  • Prolonged lifespan.
  • Including 2-adapters.
  • Large laser-etched pattern.
  • Thinner body walls reduced durability.

Buying Guide – What to Look for in the Best Impact Sockets Set

After reading the review, are you still confused about which socket set you should carry to your home?

Well, no worries. You will always have this feeling when you are going to purchase the right tool. And it is still challenging to find the best impact sockets set and keeping eyes on all of them.

However, the best impact sockets set should have the below characteristic, and while purchasing you should keep your focus on these characteristics.

Impact Socket Buying Guide


Everybody wants to get the best benefit of their money. One of the reasons that will convince you is the ability to have the versatility of a tool. 

The best impact sockets set can perform into several categories such as fastening torque of a vehicle, assisting in the construction mortar and to name a few.

Sockets Quantity

Don’t you think, a higher number of sockets in a set will be much more resourceful? It means, if you own a higher number of sockets in your set, you can create a pair with many attachments. 

So, it is advisable to look for a socket set which has a minimum of 10-piece socket.

Durability and Performance

In this review, my all intention was to share those socket sets which are well-made and durable enough to provide you long period service. The performance is also similarly crucial for an impact socket set. 

Majority of the socket sets are made of high quality material which also confirms durability. Also, a coating is also applied on the surface of the sockets so that they don’t get rusted.

High durability confirms a socket set will give you efficient performance with its high-built characteristic. Using a durable socket set, you can save your money as well as will assist you in performing several tasks.

Durability Impact Socket


Different manufacturers come with different sizes of socket sets. You need to know about the standard size of a socket set.

Between ¼” to ½” is the range of maximum socket sets. Based on their projected purpose, you need to select the size that meets your requirement. 

Price Tag

Are you looking for a cheaply made, low-priced impact socket set? Never decide to go for these types of a low-cost socket set. If you do so, you can’t get efficient performance as well as after a few days; you have to change the model. Then why don’t expense in a good quality and reasonably-priced socket set?

Quality socket sets are well-made with the best material so that you can get many years of service from your set. 

All the reviewed sockets sets reviewed above are affordable and top-quality sets that will fulfill all your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a mechanic do with an impact socket?

Impact sockets are significantly useful tools in both the automotive and non-automotive sectors. Mechanics use an impact socket to seize any nuts or bolts from a vehicle.

Why does every impact socket come with a hole?

The hole in impact sockets are used for specific reasons. The name of the hole is retaining pin, and it is responsible for ensuring that the impact socket is perfectly merged with the impact wrench. As a result of vibration, the socket may come to the end of the wrench, and the pin stops it from happening.

What materials are used to make impact sockets?

Chromium Vanadium and chromium-molybdenum steel are widely used materials to make impact sockets. Impact sockets have to be much durable because they are made for heavy-duty work.


The review section of the best impact sockets set is over, and now it is time to make a precise decision. I believe, now you have understood, what matters for the best impact sockets set and from the above-reviewed sets, you can choose your required product.

You will love to hear that; a lot of manufacturers are out there with different socket sets of each category.

“The cheap man buys twice” – keep this wise saying whenever you are going to purchase anything. If you take a bit of care to the high-quality impact socket set, be sure, they will serve a lifetime. 

Best of luck!

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