5 Best Engine Hoist (Review) In 2022

Do you know how many % of Americans require service or maintenance for their car in a month? I am pretty sure the answer will make your eyes big.

The answer is 72%. Don’t you think it is a big percentage?

Everyone loves a car that shows less problems, but it is impractical. A car can show any kind of problem anytime, even every day. And when the problem is related to a car engine, undoubtedly it will let your jaw drop.

Because without the removal of the whole engine, you can’t repair the car problem. But modern car engines are massive and giant-like weight. How will you take it out of the car?

At this point, you have to shake your hands with the best engine hoist.

The best engine hoist will be able to hold and carry giant-like weight in order to make your car engine repairing work a lot much more comfortable.

In this article, I will assist you in finding out the top 5 engine hoist to meet your requirements.

So, let’s start reading the article and choose the right model.


Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist
Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist
OTC (4305) Engine Load Leveler
OTC (4305) Engine Load Leveler
Premium Pick
Dragway Tools Hydraulic Engine Hoist
Dragway Tools Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Top 5 Best Engine Hoist

Now let’s go into more detailed information to assist you in picking the best engine hoist.

1. Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler

Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler - 2-Ton Capacity, 1in.-82 5/8in. Lift Range

If you are seeking for an engine hoist which is strongly built and comes with exceptional quality, this Strongway Hydraulic engine hoist will be the best choice. It is a premium quality engine hoist because its frame is high-grade steel made. Due to its robust built, effortlessly you can move, raise or lower any sort of heavyweights. You will love the motor because it is sturdy, easy to move and a load lever is available with it.

To ensure the longevity of the engine hoist, a thick paint layer is applied on the hoist. The paint is lead-free and well-finished. After giving a thorough wash using a chemical to the hoist, the paint has been applied so that it can last long for a long period. As a result, the surface has become free from rust and corrode.

The lifting range of this 2-ton engine hoist is 1 – 82 inches. It comes with 6 wheels for smooth movement, and the boom capacity is 4000 pounds. The capacity of the load lever is 1500 pounds which makes this engine hoist safer and easier to handle.

  • Highly built with high-grade steel.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to move at anyplace with 6 wheels.
  • Handle is made of plastic and a bit slippery.

2. OTC (4305) Engine Load Leveler

OTC (4305) Engine Load Leveler - 1,500 lb. Capacity

Can you imagine a product which has more than 95% positive reviews in more than 175 ratings? Well, brace with OTC (4305) engine load leveler and with its all features it will be your best buy option, undoubtedly.

It comes with impressive power, and when it is attached to an A-frame engine hoist, it will lift up to 1500 pounds of weight. The good news is; you can adjust the horizontal tilt without any hassle. Thus, off-center loads can easily be carried. If you require to adjust the angle to positioning the load much more straightforwardly, this load leveler will allow you to do so. It means you will get all sorts of comfortability working with it.

The user has to use this small-sized leveler with a variety of engines. Adjusting the balance is one of the best features of this. And once you add this leveler to any engine, you can quickly move any engine from one place to another. Repositioning the chain is unnecessary for this reason. The size of the load leveler is 18”, but don’t be a fool with its size because it can effortlessly carry heavy loads despite its small size.

  • Designed to carry heavy loads.
  • Excellent review on Amazon.
  • Quality product at an affordable price.
  • You will face difficulty in carrying big-block engines.

3. Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Shop Crane Hoist Lift

This Dragway hydraulic engine hoist will lift any weight like it is featherweight. To provide power to the whole hoist, it has an 8-ton ram hydraulic. The closed boom capacity of this hoist is 4,000lbs (maximum height 48”). You will get additional 1,000lbs (maximum height 102”) weight in its boom capacity. Thus, the hoist becomes impressively powerful to assist you in carrying heavy loads. And that is why I can’t resist myself to give the Premium pick title to this hoist.

The mast of this hoist is 5/16” thick. It is offering additional support to the hoist while lifting any loads from the ground. Don’t worry thinking whether the mast might break due to the heavyweight. The manufacturer knows you may think about this issue and made it with premium quality steel. So, without any tension, you can accomplish your work efficiently.

The high-quality chain is manufactured with steel to ensure durability. While the hoist is lifting heavy loads, the steel made frames work as legs which supports the hoist proficiently. The frames are placed 3 by 3 inches from each other to confirm balancing during operation. You can move the hoist at any place with the help of its wheel.

  • Well-balanced engine hoist.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • Moving the item is pretty simple.
  • Expensive product.

4. BIG RED T32001 Engine Hoist with Folding Frame

BIG RED T32001 Torin Steel Garage/Shop Crane Engine Hoist with Folding Frame, Hydraulic Long Ram Jack, and 4 Position Reinforced Boom, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity, Red

For beginners, this Torin Big Red t32001 engine hoist is quite heavy, with a full 186lbs. However, this heavyweight is significantly essential as the crane can lift hoist weight up to 2-ton. HOOO! Pretty impressive! Its heavyweight is assisting it to remain stable and sturdy while raising that much of heavyweight. You will love to work with this hoist since it is easy to move, operate, exceptionally robust and storing is straightforward when your work is all done.

When you are facing difficulty to move any giant-sized engine, this Big Red engine hoist always expands its hands to assist you in doing heavy-duty tasks. Your work will become effortless because it has 6 wheels and you can move this hoist nearly anywhere as per your requirement. Even moving this hoist is easy when it carries an engine since the engine can rotate in every direction.

The lifting range of this hoist is also fantastic, and the range is 1” – 78.75”. Thus, you will have the right height while lifting any sort of loads. As a result, this hoist has become convenient to use.

It has all excellent features which is: working size is 59.8” x 21.3” x 6.3”, heavy-duty 8-ton ram, 4 possible boom positions and boom capacity is maximum 1000lbs. Even when it is not in use, you can fold it and keep it at any corner of your home.

  • Reliable and robust build.
  • Comes with a foldable feature for secure storage.
  • Stability is high.
  • To get efficient performance, correct assembling is a must.

5. Torin Big Red T32100 Steel Engine Leveler

BIG RED T32100 Torin Engine Hoist Shop Crane Accessory: Steel 3 Position Engine Leveler with Adjustable Handle, 3/4 Ton (1,500 lb) Capacity, Red

Handling any engine with Torin T32100 engine leveler is not a complicated task. Its long 14” chain will allow you to carry up to 1,500lbs weight. The support brackets are designed in such a way so that you can attach them to any engine easily.

Adjusting the payload is always unnecessary with this leveler because it is uniquely designed to alter the center of gravity a cinch. High-quality steel is used to make this leveler, and within the price, undoubtedly it will be a worth buying.

The user can lift the any-sized engine. The 4 hook system will distribute weight evenly and thus swaying is reduced. Besides, the weight of the leveler is only 2.5lbs, and you can keep it into your drawer or toolbox when it remains idle. Moreover, it will not do any damage while lifting any heavy loads.

  • Even distribution of the weight to reduce swaying.
  • It can raise up to 1,500lbs weight.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Adjustment knob is made of plastic; hence no reviews have come regarding knob breaking.

Buying Guide | Picking the Best Engine Hoist

When you are planning to purchase or replace your engine hoist, a lot of factors you need to note down. In this section, I have discussed these factors that you need to consider while purchasing the best engine hoist.


Before purchasing an engine hoist, you need to know the weight of it. Because more weight means the engine hoist will be able to support a heavy load. Also, the hoist can maintain balance comfortably if the hoist is bulky.


The price plays a vital role in purchasing an engine hoist. First of all, you need to choose an engine hoist that is made of high-quality material and durable enough to provide you long period service.

However, you need to keep a close eye on your budget, and you don’t need to break your bank too. It would be best if you choose an engine hoist that stays within your budget. It is significantly essential to choose one that is within your budget because you will not feel stressed while purchasing.

Load Capacity 

One of the topmost considerations that you need to keep in your mind. Because you will lift different items using your engine hoist. Also, surely you are not looking for a hoist that will be unable to lift any heavy loads.

So, you should look for an engine hoist that is capable of lifting a heavy load. A hoist that has higher load capacity can be used to lift not only car engines but also other machinery.


Do you want to purchase an item that has less lifespan? Definitely NO! Doing maintenance, time to time is also similarly frustrating. Look for an engine hoist which is made of durable material so that you can get long service. Those that last longer provide the quality of your valuable money spent.


As the hoist needs to store at any place, it is considered vital to know how much space it will eat while storing. Pick an engine hoist that comes with foldable features.

A foldable engine hoist will not eat away much space while storing it. And you can use the additional space for storing other tools.

So, check whether you selected engine hoist has come with a foldable feature or not. Another great features of a foldable engine hoist are; you can carry them easily. It means you are getting 2 benefits from a foldable engine hoist.


No doubt, quality matters. If the hoist is made of low-quality material and it breaks after a few operations definitely your heart will break. You have spent your valuable time and money behind this. So, you need to give value to your time and money and must not purchase a low-quality engine hoist.

To learn about the quality of any specific model, you can surf the internet and look for reviews.

You can get an extended period service from a quality engine hoist without worrying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to rent an engine hoist from a store?

Yes, you can rent an engine hoist, if you plan to use it for once. But purchasing an engine hoist is far more beneficial than renting it.

What is the average lifting height of an engine hoist?

Majority of the engine hoist can lift 6 ft. In comparison, some engine hoist comes with an 8.5 ft lifting option.

How many hours does it take to remove an engine using an engine hoist?

The time frame depends on the engine removing tools, the experience of the mechanic and equipment. A professional mechanic will take a maximum of 2 hours to remove an engine. In contrast, a beginner may require 3 – 4 hours to complete the task.

Final Words

Lifting a car engine will be a daunting task without a trusted engine hoist. I believe this guide will help you a lot, finding the best engine hoist from the oceans of products.

Thanks for reading the article and happy lifting!

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