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best electric can opener for seniors

5 Best Electric Can Opener for Seniors (Review) In 2020

Last updated: September 8, 2020

5 Best Electric Can Opener for Seniors (Review) In 2020

Your guide to this review today is by product expert Herbert A. Dorman


Opening a can be a tricky and tedious job without proper tools, especially for the older and senior peoples. With weak hands and often having arthritis, the seniors have to go through the painstaking manual process of opening the can.

However, with the best electric can opener for seniors, this becomes safe and comfortable- no more fears of hurting fingers or make a mess. These electric can openers are also beneficial for people cooking canned food items frequently.

Therefore, we put our effort into selecting the five most appropriate electric can openers for our valued customers, especially the senior citizens, as part of our social responsibilities. We have gone through extensive and ardent research to bring out these five fantastic can opener tools for you. 

We have also thoughtfully included a buying guide and FAQ so that you know which product suits you and which won’t.

So, shall we go?

Top 5 Best Electric Can Opener for Seniors Reviews

Opening a can isn’t an easy task unless you have a good-quality electric can opener. Nonetheless, tons of choices can make your selection extremely tough. 

But don’t get nervous. 

We have picked five most appreciated and seniors friendly electric can openers for you.

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Let me prominently introduce you to one of the most rated and loved electric can opener the Hamilton Smooth Touch in front of you. It works so smoothly that you won’t even feel the presence of the lid on the can. 

The electric can opener for seniors has a lever for a comfortable push down. It works excellently with both regular cans and pop-ups. So, you get a versatile can opener with the Hamilton opener. Also, it removes the can lid very quickly. 

Furthermore, unlike regular can openers, Hamilton cuts the edges of the lid smoothly that eliminates the risk of finger injuries. It also allows you to touch the cover for removal into the dustbin.

On top of it, the push-down lever facilitates one-hand user functionality. Thus, the one hand design comes handy for easy lid removal for citizens and people with arthritis problems. 

Hamilton has lubricated the motor, and so, it needs little or no maintenance. This is a great money-saver deal. Also, the overall design is quite durable too. 

The can opener suits every countertop with a sleek looking chrome-plated black design. 

Key Features:
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Cuisinart is a reliable and popular kitchen items manufacturer. So, there’s no surprise that its electric can opener will be a popular one. Indeed, the Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener is one of the most talked and popular items in the market right now. 

The can opener is easy to use. With a specially engineered motor, whenever you snap the device blade with the can lid, it starts cutting the edges. Once it cuts the entire lid, it will stop automatically. So, the can lid won’t fall. Also, the magnetic holder keeps the lid tightly snugged with the opener. 

What’s more, the activation lever is easily replaceable if you wish. Also, the lever permits one-hand use that comes handy for seniors. Additionally, its blade has an excellent cutting capacity to accomplish the can removal in a few moments only. 

The Deluxe Electric Can Opener is capable of handling all standard sized cans. So, you won’t need to buy a second one for various sizes. WOW!

You can clean the opener with ease since it doesn’t work with a battery. Also, the overall black design looks impressive and has the sturdiness to withstand extended use. 

Key Features:
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Those who are looking for a versatile and heavyweight best electric can opener for seniors should go with the Hamilton Beach Heavyweight Can Opener. The can opener lives up to the ardent expectations of the customer in every aspect.

SureCut Technology is patented from the USA and gives you a smooth edge of the can lid almost immediately every time. Then there’s the extra-tall size of the can opener. It is exceptionally beneficial to tackle various cans for easy lid removal. 

There is also an auto shut-down feature, so once the lid edge is cut, the opener stops instantly to prevent the lid falls off. It permits a comfortable hand-free function. 

Besides removing the can lid, you can use it for sharpening knife edges in the kitchen. Therefore, the can opener can ardently handle multitasking to make your life easier. 

Finally, the cleanup of the can opener is incredibly comfortable too. You can remove the cutting unit from the dive and clean it with a regular dishwasher. So, it shines always.

Key Features:
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The first thing effectively you will notice about the Kitchen Mama Can Opener is its cuteness. The red and white color combo looks beautiful. 

But the electric can opener isn’t all about the eye-pleasing design only. The opener fulfills every requirement you want. It works with 4AA batteries and gives you a fantastic hands-free experience every time. 

The can opener only needs two taps to remove any can lid. Firstly, push the button to turn on the unit for the precision edge cutting. Once finished, push the button again to stop it- convenient and straightforward—no messy works. 

Furthermore, using the electric can opener is superbly safe. It cuts along the edges and leaves no sharp trail behind. Also, it doesn’t touch the food items inside, which is appreciable as well. The unit works with a 360° cutting blade that makes tackling every can a breeze. 

Senior citizens and people with arthritis problems will find the unit beneficial because of its ergonomic design. So, it comes with great relief for people with challenging grips. 

Key Features:
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This is another best electric can opener for seniors that we recommend for home use. The KitchenAid can opener works differently from the regular ones. Instead of opening the lid, it punctures the top without any rough edges. 

So, using the can opener is safe and convenient. The razor-sharp stainless-steel blade punctures the most can lid in a blitzkrieg. Also, the perfectly sized knob makes the can opening a breeze. Turn it and get the can opened- easy! 

Similarly, the handle is designed ergonomically for comfortable uses. KitchenAid has thought about the seniors’ comfort, and so made the grip suitable for them. 

The SureGrip ™ ensures that the can opener will never fail to hold on to the lid and remove it for you. The cutting wheels are a bit larger that is favorable for tackling heavyweight food cans. 

Additionally, you can clean up the automatic can opener with ease using regular detergent. So, it remains in tiptop state all the time. Perfect! 

Key Features:

The Best Electric Can Opener for Seniors Buying Guide

Ask any older adults or one with arthritis; you will know how painful it is to open a can without any support. Also, chefs who need to open canned food for cook frequently won’t catch up with the required speed for opening cans. 

Thus, their best solution is to purchase a good electric can opener. 

But how do you know which electric can opener is right and which is wrong? The answer lies in the following factors. 


The Size

Depending on your use, the size of the can opener will vary a lot. A small and compact can opener is suitable if you want to use it at home and also carry it in different places. 

However, for regular kitchen use, you will need a big one. And for commercial use such as at shops, you will need larger and heavyweight electric can openers. However, for use at home for seniors, a standard-sized can opener will be suitable. 


Can Opener Types 

You should also consider the types of variables can the device can tackle. It is crucial since not all opener is suitable for all the cans. 

While some are made for standard cans, there are some high-spec can openers that can handle both standard and large boxes at ease. 



Since these electric can openers are for seniors, the easiness at operation gets the highest priority. The ease comes from two different aspects-

  • The grip: With an ergonomic grip, seniors will find it easier to hold the opener and work with it. Also, it prevents accidental slips. 
  • Functions: The cutting function should be fast and easy. Most can openers come with a push-button, that once pressed, will do the rest of the cutting job for you. 


Design and Durability 

At home, the electric can opener will be on the kitchen countertop for most of the day. Since it will quickly come from people’s views, the design needs to be attractive. In this case, chrome-plated can openers will suit most home décor. The color also plays a vital part in the overall look. 

Also, the material needs to be durable. The blades should be ardently made of stainless steel to prevent rust and delivering smooth performance for an ardently extended period. Furthermore, the durability is linked with the warranty from manufacturers. Therefore, try to get a unit with a substantial warranty and replacement guarantee. 



The electric can opener must be safe for seniors. It is essential that the wheels of the device cut the edges smoothly. It will reduce the chances of any unwanted finger injuries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best can openers suggestions for the elderly?

These are several can opener that we can suggest for older people. For instance, both Hamilton Beach 76606ZA and Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe from our review is perfect for the elderly. These can openers are easy to apply and have the highest safety specifications for senior peoples.

What are the most popular electric can openers in the market at present?

The best can openers should be of high-quality and durable. Also, there needs to be efficient and work quickly. Considering these factors, we recommend the Hamilton and Proctor Silex for you.

Can you suggest me a one-touch can opener?

Yes, we have tested a few of the one-touch can openers. So, from our practical experience, we suggest you Hamilton Beach Classic and Zyliss EasiCan for one-touch operation. These can openers will work exceedingly well for you.


Senior citizens are our assets. They deserve the best care and service at anyplace at any anytime. Therefore, we came up with these five best electric can openers for seniors so that they can eat their favorite canned food or sip drinks without further issues. 

These electric cans have been tested with the utmost care to ensure quality, safety, easiness at work, and durability. Thus, no surprise that we aspire. You will love the review. However, clean the can openers regularly so that it doesn’t malfunction. 


Herbert A. Dorman

Mr. Dorman has been working with hand machine tools and machinery equipment -for 15 years. Through his entire journey, he invested all his time to research different types of tools. Based on his 15 years of research, he decided to add value to the new buyer. That is why Dorman aimed to create a website.

In this website, he writes about different tools reviews and information to support the fresh, or semi-professional experts. For that reason, Mr. Dorman has built a team to collect actual data, and to test every instrument. So, it is clear that – you are going to get authentic reviews and information from this website.

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