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Last updated: October 9, 2020

5 Best Coffee Kettle (Review) In 2020

Your guide to this review today is by product expert Herbert A. Dorman


A common debate among coffee lovers is how to brew a perfect coffee. While various coffee freaks will come with different answers, one approach remains constant almost every time. You need perfectly boiled water for a perfect cup of coffee.

And in this regard, none can beat the delicacy and efficiency of the best coffee kettle. These gooseneck coffee kettles will not only present you with a tasty coffee for a lovely day starter but also lets you start a conversation at ease.

However, not all of these kettles are good for you; some of them are just a waste of money. Henceforth, we have come up with the five most appropriate coffee kettles for you with extensive research. We have also prominently included a buying guide and FAQ section to help you more in the selection process 

So, are you excited?

Top 5 Best Coffee Kettle Reviews

Coffee kettles are available in a wide variety. Some are manually heated while some use electricity. Also, they differ in size and shape. We have tested over 30+ products and finally, selected these five best coffee kettles for you.

These are affordable, long-lasting, and a master at serving a perfectly brewed coffee.

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Let’s admit it; a coffee kettle doesn’t need to be extravagant; instead, a simple one will do with ease. W&E Electric Kettle testifies this statement with the utmost accuracy.

It looks traditional at every angle and still delivers modern-day requirements. It ensures precision poring for perfect brewing with its extended spout. Also, with automatic shut-off functions, the kettle turns off when the water is heated in an optimal state. 

The lid is made airtight to prevent spills of hot water. So, it won’t cause you any burns and irritating scalding for a messy condition. However, you may need to use a thermometer to measure the water temperature since it lacks digital readings. 

The Electric Gooseneck kettle is made of 100% food-safe stainless steel and is BPA free too. So, at every sip, you will enjoy a healthy coffee. The handle also is BPA-free, and the ergonomic design permits you to move the kettle at ease. 

And lastly, the electric function means it can boil the water in no time at all. 

Key Features:
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Make a perfectly brewed coffee, tea, or simply boil water- this electric kettle from Zell does everything with accuracy and care.

The 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free food-grade design make sure the water remains healthy. Also, it adds durability against corrosion and rust. So, it’s ready to serve you for a few years. On top of it, the gooseneck design allows precise pouring of water into the coffee pot. 

The gooseneck design also stops unwanted drips and messes for clean surroundings. And the overall construction looks elegant. 

The unit has a futurist auto shut-off feature that prevents over-heating and restricts damage. The red indicator informs you when the water is ready for pouring into your favorite coffee or tea. Rejoice, no more guessing. 

Furthermore, the electric kettle has a smooth operation. You can open the lid with a push-button for an easy one-touch refill. Additionally, the flipping of the switch is enough to turn on the machine. Both functions are equally good at saving time. 

What’s more, you can transport the electric kettle anytime since it’s base doesn’t contain any cord. That lets you place it at any countertop. 

Key Features:
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From adjusting the water temperature to ensure accuracy at pouring water- this Bonavita electric kettle gives you a fully functional user experience. 

The heat adjustment works for 60 minutes. So, when you need a second cup of coffee, the kettle is always ready. Also, keep 100% control over the water flow with the gooseneck design and enjoy a perfectly brewed drink every time. 

Furthermore, the handle has a finger notch that, with the ergonomic design, makes little adjustments a breeze. So, you enjoy comfortable water pouring. 

The unit runs with 1000 watts capacity that boils the water within a few moments to meet your appetite for coffee quickly. And its temperature hold feature means it keeps the water hot for the next 60 minutes (mentioned earlier).  WOW!

Also, the CHEMEX design and pouring accuracy make it one of the best coffee kettles at present. Thus, you can count on its look and endurance. 

The brushed stainless-steel design suits every countertop. While the display shows real-time temperature, so you know what’s happening inside the coffee kettle. Impressive! 

Key Features:
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Beautiful, bold, and best. 

These words are perfect to describe the Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle. Once you use it, you will thank us for recommending the unit for coffee and tea brewing. The curves and the angles of this black lady attract everyone at first sight. 

To speak the truth, this is one of the most stunning looking coffee kettles you can afford now. Also, the tapered spout ensures premium water flow with 100% accuracy. The handle with a stocky look balances the long spout with perfection. 

There is also a thermometer to display the temperature when it heats 135-212°F temperature. So, you know when to stop boiling the water. The variable temperature adjustment lets you control the brewing like a pro. 

Also, with 1200W heating capacity, the kettle boils the water very quickly. So, no more waiting for your favorite coffee. Great! 

The design intimidates every kitchen countertop and makes sure it lasts for an extended period.

Key Features:
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This is another best coffee kettle that serves you with a fully functional user interface. There’s nothing that you can complain about the pour-over pot from OXO. Furthermore, it has everything you want and nothing that you hate. 

First off, the gooseneck spout ensures you enjoy the most accurately poured boiled water for a perfect sip of coffee or tea. Also, the base is cord-less and allows 360° turning for easy adjustment. The stainless steel made OXO electric pour-over kettle is durable and looks elegant too.

You can adjust the temperature between 140°F-212°F, and it will hold the set temperature for 30 minutes. WOW! 

There’s a built-in and updated timer that counts your pour-over of heated water. So, it ensures superior accuracy. The base, on the other hand, showcases a temperature guide. So, you know the exact settings for the boiled water- no more mess-ups. 

The kettle uses 1500W electricity to quickly complete the water boiling so you won’t have to experience those irritating waiting moments. Once the water is brewed, hold on the ergonomic handle and pour it in the coffee. Simple! 

Key Features:

How to Buy the Best Coffee Kettle: A Detailed Buying Guid

A coffee kettle is a piece of must-have equipment for those who love coffee. However, with tons of options available at hand, choosing the most suitable coffee kettle can become tedious sometimes. So, for your sake, we have piled up the most demanding and useful categories to look for when buying a coffee kettle. 



The capacity of the kettle is essential since it decides how much water you can boil at a time. Most pots will have a 1L capacity, which is sufficient to serve 3-4 peoples. So, these are good for family use. But some small ones have the 0.75-0.9L capacity and serves only individuals. 

Also, if you drink coffee frequently, a bigger capacity will be useful. Also, avoid refilling the pot up to the brim to stop spills. 


Flow Accuracy and Rate

The flow rate of boiled water through the spout is crucial for a perfectly brewed coffee or tea. Thus, the spout should be able to supply you with a constant flow rate for superior tastes. Also, the spout design of the pour-over or gooseneck kettles should have an extreme accuracy rate. 

Henceforth, keep an eye on it. Ideally, it shouldn’t drool or slosh when you pour water. 


Hold Mode and Temperature Adjustment 

A kettle for coffee with variable temperature adjustment is a real advantage. You can set the water temperature at your preferred level and enjoy the best flavors. 

Also, the hold mode allows the pot to keep the boiled water in the set temperature for a specified period. It will often extend between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 



You should feel comfortable with the handle of the best gooseneck coffee kettles. This being said, comfort comes from the balance between the grip and the spout neck. Also, the handle needs to have ergonomic features for comfy holds. 

Moreover, the handle needs to have a quick cooling facility so that your hands remain safe. 


Pot Design and Material 

For most of the parts, a coffee kettle remains at the kitchen countertop or a dinning place. So, the kettle design needs to suit the modern home decors. 

Also, the material needs to be BPA-free and food grade. Otherwise, you will end up sipping hazardous components. Mostly, manufacturers use stainless steel or aluminum for the kettles. Furthermore, ensure that these materials will prevent rust for an extended period. 


Other features:

Some high-end coffee kettles come with a temperature gauge or thermometer. It will help you quickly know the boiling temperature. 

Then, the auto shut down technology can turn off the device to prevent any unwanted damage. Therefore, keep an eye on these two factors too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it wise to use a regular kettle for my favorite pour-over coffee?

Although you can use the regular kettles or pots for the pour-over coffee or tea, we don’t recommend them using. It restricts the water flow and ends up serving distasteful coffee.

Are the gooseneck coffee kettles worth?

A gooseneck coffee kettle gives a high degree of control while pouring boiled water for the coffee. So, you will enjoy a better taste of your favorite coffee flavor.

Can I use my coffee kettle for tea?

Yes, you can use the coffee kettles for your tea too. Also, you can use the boiled water for different purposes. In fact, these are very versatile equipment that serves various needs.


The best coffee kettle will enhance your coffee experience to a higher and incredible height. Therefore, these five superb performing and aesthetically valued coffee kettles wait to get a place at your room décor. 

Pick the one that you easily best fit your requirements and taste. Then, you will know the difference between a good coffee and the world’s best coffee- surely! However, we recommend you maintain these units, so these serve you for years. Make sure the electricity line is in good condition. 

Also, clean the interior for a fresh taste. Otherwise, the water will be uncleaned and unhygienic. 

Herbert A. Dorman

Mr. Dorman has been working with hand machine tools and machinery equipment -for 15 years. Through his entire journey, he invested all his time to research different types of tools. Based on his 15 years of research, he decided to add value to the new buyer. That is why Dorman aimed to create a website.

In this website, he writes about different tools reviews and information to support the fresh, or semi-professional experts. For that reason, Mr. Dorman has built a team to collect actual data, and to test every instrument. So, it is clear that – you are going to get authentic reviews and information from this website.

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