About Us

We call ourselves an enthusiast rather than engineers. That is why we teamed up to explore different tools. All of our explored tools are on your everyday list. For example, different types of saws, staple guns, and a lot more home improvement tools.
Now, why we run this website? We actually faced some real-time problems.

Like; when people decide to buy a staple gun, they don’t get any instant suggestion. As a result, they don’t get a proper recommendation for a durable solution. And here what we do is -we provide a precise solution on every home improvement tool by analyzing the market.
So, based on our real-time test and market research, we build fine-tune content -that helps a user to get a proper solution. And that is what we do.

Our Experts

Herbert A. Dorman

Herbert A. Dorman

Mr. Dorman has been working with hand machine tools and machinery equipment -for 15 years. Through his entire journey, he invested all his time to research different types of tools. Based on his 15 years of research, he decided to add value to the new buyer. That is why Dorman aimed to create a website.

In this website, he writes about different tools reviews and information to support the fresh, or semi-professional experts. For that reason, Mr. Dorman has built a team to collect actual data, and to test every instrument. So, it is clear that – you are going to get authentic reviews and information from this website.